FarSounder, an American manufacturer established in 2001. Farsounder’s navigation phased array sonars are capable of generating a true, 3D image ahead of a vessel at significant ranges.Pinpoint is an agent and certified technician.

Pinpoint is Life Cell Marine Safety’s European agent and the exclusive commercial UK distributor. Life Cell, an Australian company, was established following their director’s vessel sinking in 2011. The near death experience inspired the development of a product to redefine the storage of safety equipment onboard.

Sea Machines’ industrial-grade systems are easily installed aboard existing commercial vessels, or can be included in new-build packages. They are specially designed to enable remote and autonomous operations of all types of commercial vessels. Pinpoint are distributors of Sea Machines in the UK.

Weatherdock is a globally recognised German manufacturer of VHF based key solutions for the maritime sector. The products focused on Tracking and Search & Rescue solutions. Pinpoint is proud to distribute and introduce their high quality and innovative technology in the UK.