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The easyAIRDROP is ready to “grab and go”.   The unit contains an easyRESCUE AIS S.A.R.T. transmitter and is designed for deployment from all types of SAR aircraft.

To deploy the easyAIRDROP, open the protective box, remove the unit and release it from the aircraft.  An automatic triggering function activates the internal VHF rescue locator when the unit is submerged.

Once activated the unit transmits a current AIS emergency telegram to all AIS receivers in the vicinity. The position is updated every minute with COG, SOG and the identification number of the unit.


The air-deployable housing comprises two buoyant plastic parts held together by two straps.  A soluble tablet holds the straps in position until the unit is submerged in water.

The AIS S.A.R.T. locator unit is mounted inside the housing.  On contact with water, the tablet dissolves, the housing opens, the antenna unfolds, and the unit starts transmitting.   A weight at the bottom keeps the easyAIRDROP-RESCUE in an upright position for best possible radiation.

The transmission range from the unit to a vessel is 9 to 12 nm.   Flying at 500 ft, SAR aircraft will receive the signal at a distance of up to 80 nm.

What additional equipment is required?

To receive the transmitted signal, an AIS- capable chartplotter or PC software is required to display the rescue relevant data.