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The easyRESCUE transmits the position of liferaft / victim in distress directly to all AIS receivers within range.

The easyRESCUE is available in many forms – manual, automatic activation and a third level which is a magnetic pull off cord used for when the unit is integrated into a lifejacket. The automatic sensor triggers if the device has water contact for more than 2 sec. 

How does the easyRESCUE work?

With a built in GPS the easyRESCUE transmits an emergency AIS-S.A.R.T. sentence wich triggers an alarm on all AIS enabled chart plotters / Pc’s within range, along with the LAT/Long of the liferaft in distress. The GPS is a new generation fast acquiring type and the VHF AIS transmitter repeats the message and position several times per minute. This enables all vessels within range to assist with the rescue if they have an AIS receiver or an AIS transponder.

What is required?

Apart of an AIS receiver or transponder connected to a chartplotter/PC, nothing. The easyRESCUE maybe attached to a liferaft/lifeboat. A test button allows regular test of GPS function, battery state etc.