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vmsTRACK is a portable VHF radio transmitter which provides position, speed, and course over ground data to enable real-time tracking and monitoring of vessels and objects from a base station.  The device provides regular position reports on proprietary frequencies but also has an emergency distress function operating on the standard AIS frequencies.


The use of proprietary transmission frequencies allows a ‘closed user group’ to be set up.  Thereby, only the base station can monitor the regular position reports.  

Additional information can be programmed into the unit as follows: ship name, type of vessel and area of activity.  This feature aids vessel recognition for fleet management purposes and enables identification of ‘friends or foe’ for security-related applications.

“Geo-Fence-Areas” can be programmed into the unit.  These indicate areas where the vessels should not enter or exit.

If the unit is tampered-with or stolen, an alert is sent to the base station and an LED will flash on the unit to alert the vessel’s Captain.


If the distress function is activated, position reports will be received by all vessels fitted with AIS equipment.

Battery life

The position report transmission interval can be varied from one per second up to one per hour.  Battery life reduces as the transmission interval becomes shorter and the battery will last for a couple of days if position reports are transmitted once every minute.